Low water flow (pressure) problems – Salamander Home Boost installation

One of my clients have been having problems with low water flow in a rental property in Streatham. The water flow on the cold supply was just 6 liters a minute on the kitchen tap. Unfortunately due to a shocking quality of plumbing at the property bathroom shower was struggling to activate the boiler at times. After investigating all possible causes of poor flow I established that the property in question gets only about 8 liters a minute from a most likely lead mains supply which is further reduced by poor plumbing at the flat. It was decided that I would install a Salamander Home Boost main pump. This device boosts the flow of water to 12 liters a minute.

In ideal world a new cold water supply from the street would have been fitted and plumbing at the property replaced. Unfortunately due to the cost this was not an option at this time. To give you an idea of how bad plumbing at this property is I am attaching a picture taken from underneath the boiler after removal of dishwasher.  All those kinked flexes are not helping poor water flow.


Salamander Home Boost now installed and giving full 12 liters a minute of hot water. Tenants very happy as finally they can use the shower in the bathroom. See a video showing Salamander Home Boost in action below.