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Hi, I am Szymon Czaban

I am your local gas engineer and plumber. I am based in Upper Norwood and I serve Crystal Palace and surrounding areas. (Streatham, Clapham, Dulwich, Balham & Brixton). I install, repair and maintain all aspects of domestic plumbing and heating. Hire me and you will get your job done quickly and professionally.

I have over 15 years experience in installation, repair and maintenance of domestic plumbing and heating systems. I specialize in super efficient central heating and hot water installation using: gas condensing boilers, air source heat pumps, unvented and vented hot water cylinders, properly calculated and sized pipework and emitters for radiators and underfloor heating.

Please explore this website for more information on how I can help you design, install, maintain or improve your heating and hot water system regardless if it is powered by a gas boiler, heat pump or an electric boiler.

Latest videos

31 October 2021

How to power flush central heating system

31 October 2021

Open vent system to combi boiler conversion with Intgeras Rapid 32 gas boiler

31 October 2021

Central heating filters explained

24 August 2021

Moving combination gas boiler from a kitchen to a cellar – what is involved.

Latest articles

18 April 2022

Ideal Logic Heat only boiler – PDHW wiring schematic

This is a wiring schematic for Ideal Logic H (Heat Only) boilers on Domestic Hot Water Priority set up

09 January 2022

Ideal Vogue Gen2 System Boiler Hot Water Priority Wiring Schematics

Ideal Vogue wiring schematics for Hot Water Priority set up using Nest 3rd Gen with Open Therm and Weather Compensation Module

04 January 2022

Vaillant F.75 error code – full boiler repair

This Vaillant boiler has been suffering from error codes F.75 and low pressure on the pressure gauge. There was also a visible leak to the right-hand side of the boiler. When I opened the boiler, I found a source of the leak – it as scaled Automatic Air Vent on the boiler pump. First call […]

04 October 2021

Ideal Logic intermittent ‘ignition lockout’ message, L2 boiler fault, error code

Ideal Logic combi boiler is one of the most popular combination boilers installed in the UK today. There are thousands of those boilers installed in homes in the UK. One of the most common errors on these boilers is: Ignition Lockout / L2 error code – Ideal Logic / Ideal Independent / Ideal Classic Depending […]