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20 November 2022

Vaillant Eco Tec Plus system boiler hot water priority diagrams

This are diagrams for domestic hot hot water priority set up using: – Vaillant system boilers – Vaillant SensoComfort controls with VR 71 wiring ceters – System with hot water cylinder, radiators and UFH  

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04 January 2022

Vaillant F.75 error code – full boiler repair

This Vaillant boiler has been suffering from error codes F.75 and low pressure on the pressure gauge. There was also a visible leak to the right-hand side of the boiler. When I opened the boiler, I found a source of the leak – it as scaled Automatic Air Vent on the boiler pump. First call […]

04 October 2021

Ideal Logic intermittent ‘ignition lockout’ message, L2 boiler fault, error code

Ideal Logic combi boiler is one of the most popular combination boilers installed in the UK today. There are thousands of those boilers installed in homes in the UK. One of the most common errors on these boilers is: Ignition Lockout / L2 error code – Ideal Logic / Ideal Independent / Ideal Classic Depending […]

03 October 2021

Vaillant Eco Tec R1 combi boiler repair Brixton, Vaillant F22, F75 error code.

Hi, I am Simon and I repair all models of Vaillant boilers. I am based in Upper Norwood & serve South London area. If your boiler suffers from F.22 or F.75 errors, or any other Vaillant error codes, please get in touch with me here: Vaillant Repairs Crystal Palace Vaillant Eco Tec Pro R1 – […]

30 September 2021

How efficient are modern condensing boilers?

Today I am going to show you how you can save money on your central heating and hot water gas bills. Yes – we are talking about system efficiency or actually rather we are talking about why most gas boilers are notoriously inefficient. If you apply principles discussed in this blog you will not only […]

26 January 2021

Emergency boiler repair in Crystal Palace, SE19

I got called to diagnose and repair a suspected boiler leak in SE19, Crystal Palace. The client actually used the phrase ‘Plumber to fix a leaking boiler in SE19’ to find me on Google. When I got to site, I was met with this massive leak coming from the boiler pressure relief valve that has […]

12 January 2020

Vaillant Eco Tec ‘Con’ error code

If your boiler is showing ‘Con’ message on main display it means that your main PCB or possibly display PCB has failed and will need to be replaced. ‘Con’ message means that there is a communication error between main board and display board. Both boards are connected directly with pin connectors so that takes out […]

11 January 2020

Baxi error code E133 – ignition lockout

E133 error code on a Baxi/ Potterton / Main boiler is an ignition lockout fault code. This error code that covers a wide range of possible faults connected to gas and igniton. In most cases you will need to contact a competent boiler repair engineer but there are some steps you can take yourself before […]

19 October 2019

Nest 3rd generation wiring schematics on S sundial plan

Nest wiring schematics for S plan heating system