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Central heating power flush


Power flushing is a method of cleaning to the central heating system. The procedure involves circulating cleaning chemicals in the central heating system using a power flushing machine and agitating radiators at the same time to remove products of corrosion. Upon completion, inhibitors are introduced to protect the system from corrosion. Clean central heating water improves efficiency and protects your boiler and its components from premature failure.

Signs that your system may need a power flush:

  • radiators not heating up evenly
  • radiators taking a very long time to heat up
  • noisy boiler and boiler pump
  • blocked heat exchangers, causing your hot water to fluctuate between hot and cold
  • boiler overheating and going to lock out frequently
  • need to frequently vent your radiators
  • failures to pumps, zone valves, diverter valves, and heat exchangers

Replacing faulty components is costly and may not resolve underlying issues of your central heating system corrosion that should be addressed by proper power flushing followed by protection to your central heating system by adding correct dose of inhibitors.

Magnetic filtration – magnetic filters such as Magna Clean will further enhance the protection of your boiler. Those filters are installed on boiler return pipework. Magnetic filters will catch most of the products of corrosion, saving you money on your bills and protecting boiler components from premature failures. We can install magnetic filter to your system at the time of power flushing.

Method – we use a combination of a double magnetic filtration system (Magna Clense) and a power flushing pump (Kamco CF90), cleaning chemicals (Kamco FX2 or Hyper Flush) and a radiator agitator for the best possible results on your power flush.

Warranty – We provide a certificate of upon completion of your power flush with 2 years warranty extended to 5 years if the system has a magnetic filter fitted to boiler return pipework. (Terms and conditions apply).