Boiler service and repair

Your boiler serviced and repaired quickly and efficiently by an experienced and highly skilled engineer.

Save Time and Money by having your boiler diagnosed and repaired correctly and not having to pay call out charges to companies that fail to produce results. Pay for results only.

Boiler Repair from £79 for repairs within 1 hour and no spare parts required or £119 for diagnostic charge, collecting parts followed by 1 hour repair time.

Fixed Cost - no call out fee, just fixed price that covers time spent diagnosing the fault, getting spare parts plus one hour of repairs to the boiler. Spare parts and parking are additional.

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If you would like to know what is involved in a typical boiler service read our blog here: what is involved in a condensing combi boiler service

Gas boiler servicing

Gas boiler servicing as per manufacturers instructions. Parts not included and will be charged extra.

Gas boiler servicing+ Gas Safe Certificate

Add just £20 to your annual boiler service for gas safe inspection and gas safety certificate (CP12) for up to 2 additional appliances

Gas boiler repairs

Boiler repair diagnostic charge - fully refundable if I am unable to diagnose the fault. This charge covers diagnosing the problem, getting spare parts and one hour of repair time.

Boiler repair and breakdown:

  • charge includes first 2 hours of diagnostic and labour on site plus time spent getting spare parts. Materials required and labour if longer than 2 hours is additional. This charge if fully refundable if I fail to diagnose the fault or repair your boiler

Scope of boiler servicing:

  • safety devices checks for correct operation
  • gas tightness test, gas pressures at the meter and at the gas valve, adjustments to gas valve pressures
  • combustion analysis and adjustments, flue check for leaks, if required cleaning to pre mix type heat exchagner*
  • visual inspection to flue and pipework
  • cleaning to: magnetic filters, strainers and condensate traps
  • checking to expansion vessel for correct operation and pressure and adjustment if required
  • checking to primary system pressure and adjustment if required
  • electrical checks to boiler and controls including for safety checks
  • checks to insulation and seals – renewal if required*

*cost of main heat exchanger gaskets, insulation and seals will be added to service charges