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Ideal Logic error code L2, intermittent ignition lockout

posted on 04 Jun 2018

What we have here is an early Ideal Logic 24 combi boiler from 2009. This boiler has been suffering with intermittent L2 fault codes for a long while. It was looked at by someone before. Client reported that electrodes have been changed and that combustion was checked as well as blockages to condensation pipework and non were found. Boiler in question below:

When I got to site symptoms were as follows:

  • boiler starts without any problems most of the time
  • occasionally boiler fails to ignite, ignition module sparking sounds is heard for few seconds and boiler goes to lock out displaying L2 error code
  • boiler needs to be reset few times, ignition module sparking sounds is clearly heard but boiler does not start
  • once boiler starts it happens with explosive ignition that is very loud

According to Ideal Logic manual error code L2 means that there is ignition lock out. Possible causes of ignition lock out:

  • gas pressures to low, undersized pipework, faulty governor (checked on this installation and found to be correct)
  • flue not installed correctly, blockages to the flue, flue seal not installed correctly (checked on this boiler and found to be correct)
  • faulty harness, faulty ignition electrodes (checked by previous engineer in this case)
  • faulty gas valve (checked and found to be good)
  • check condensate pipework and trap for blockages (checked by previous engineer, re checked again found to be good, air gap also correct)
  • spark generator (visual condition ok, also sparking sound can be heard but boiler does not ignite intermittently

Boiler had 1 faulty part that had to be replaced. This got diagnosed quickly and replaced following day. Repaired boiler below:

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