Ariston E Combi 24 not igniting in the morning – intermittent fault

Owner of this Ariston E Combi 24 described the fault as follows:

  • boiler does not ignite in the morning and requires multiple resets to get it going
  • once boiler starts it seems to be working fine
  • boiler fails to ignite after longer periods of no use

When I got to site I noticed that boiler would take 2-3 attempts at ignitions with 2nd or 3rd one being successful and boiler would not go into lockout while I was on site. After testing rectification, gas pressures and combustion I got satisfactory results for all of those. I suspected problem with either gas meter regulator or one of the main components of the boiler not connected to rectification or ignition. Gas meter supply and governor checks confirmed that in fact the problem was on the boiler side. While testing all of the above I managed to witness boiler going into lock out.

This early Ariston E Combi does not have a digital display and error codes are communicated through number of combinations of led temperature display. Below is a picture of Flame Lift / Ignition lock out error code with 3 temperature led illuminated together with red ignition error led illuminated below on the right hand side.

arston 3 combi

Close up of the error code below

Since gas supply has been operating correctly, combustion and rectification was giving correct results that left only one major component that could have been faulty. Faulty part got replaced at next visit and boiler is now working correctly.

Boiler igniting correctly and displaying actual operating temperature instead of an error code below.

I also noticed pressure going up to around 3bar while system was heating up pointing to flat expansion vessel. Client is supposed to book a second service visit to rectify this problem.

  • peter

    this is what my boiler is doing. Engineer has been but doesnt seem to know where to start. can you point us in the right direction as to what had failed.

  • tell your engineer to email me with his GS number

  • Nina Marshall

    Hi I have the same problem. Have had expansion tank and pressure relief valve replaced but still having problem intermittently. Can I ask what the possible components could be if not these please?

    • Hi Nina,

      Those faults have nothing to do with expansion vessel (which almost never needs replacing btw – just repressurising or schrader valve replacement) or with PRV. This is an ignition or rectification problem and as such needs to be properly diagnosed before expensive parts are purchased or replaced. You really need to get a competent engineer to have a look at your boiler. Let me know where you are as I may be able to put you in touch with someone local to you that can help.

      • Nina Marshall

        Hi Simon I am in Mansfield Nottinghamshire

        • can you send me a private message through contact section of this web site with your contact details and I will organize for someone that I know locally to get in touch? I would presume it will be in Jan now.

        • Jana bala

          Have you sorted the prob??
          I live in Nottingham. Need gas engineer who can sort it

  • to everyone asking for solution to this problem – please send my your Gas Safe number by contact form on this site. Once I can verify that you are Gas Safe registered I am happy to help you fix this problem. I regret to say that I cannot share any information regarding boiler repairs with general public. If your engineer is struggling with this fault please ask him or her to get in touch with me directly.

  • Karl Montgomery

    I have same issue…is it something expensive to fix or is it time for new boiler? Are these boilers as bad as people say?

    • Those are budget boiler (cheap to buy) and not the most reliable. It is most likely not a new boiler time, provided you get someone who can diagnose this problem correctly. It is very easy to start replacing parts instead of diagnosing the problem. If that happens then it can get expensive. Get someone who has dealt with this issue before or ask your engineer to contact me if needed.

      • Dale Lomas

        Good morning mate, having this fault on the same boiler. Joined this site purely to pick your brains, unsure how to send a private message?

  • Jana bala

    Hi I have same issue. I don’t know how to PM you. I am Nottingham. Do you someone in beeston area?