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Worcester Bosch Greenstar Junior 24i poor hot water pressure

posted on 19 Mar 2017

Owner of this Worcester Greenstar Junior 24i complained about very poor hot water flow from taps in his kitchen and bathroom. When I got to site and tested existing flow on this boiler I measured 5 liters a minute in the kitchen and 3-4 liters a minute on bathroom taps. With such a poor water flow his bath was pretty much not usable and shower would not work at all. Mains cold supply gave around 12 liters a minute flow and expected figure for hot water from this Worcester Boiler should be around 9 liters a minute.

After checking for restriction on strain filters on taps and cleaning them problem got quickly narrowed down to the actual Worcester Greenstar boiler. Boiler under repair below:

After replacing faulty parts and cleaning boiler filters now it supplies full 9 liters a minute of hot water as expected.