Worcester Greenstar Classic CDi error code EA

If your Worcester Greenstar boiler suffers from EA errors and you need it repaired please contact me through contact section on this web site.

This Worcester Greenstar CDi classic was suffering from error code EA. According to Worcester manual EA error code means: ‘no flame detected’.  Reasons for no flame detected EA error code can be following:

  • no gas supplied to the boiler – ECV on the gas meter turned off, no credit on prepaid meter, isolating valve on gas supply to the boiler turned off
  • gas supply pressure incorrect
  • power supply defective, problems with earthing
  • ignition electrode and lead faulty
  • ionisation electrode and lead faulty
  • flue duct problems, wrong CO2 levels

Our boiler during repair and diagnostics showing EA error code below:

Problem with this Worcester Bosch CDi system boiler got quickly resolved. Boiler working correctly below.