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Ariston Clas 30HE – error codes SP1, SP2, SP3, 501, 504

posted on 30 Nov 2015

If your Ariston boiler is displaying SP1 , SP2 and SP3 error codes please make sure that your gas is turned on at the gas meter or if you are on prepaid meter that you are in credit. If you have a gas hob test it by turning your hob on. If your gas is off you will see SP1 to SP3 error codes. This may save you a call out charge!

This boiler was playing up for few weeks showing mostly error codes 501 and sometimes 504. Resetting the boiler manually would help for few hours. Usually boiler would try to ignite twice showing message SP1 and then SP2 followed by error code 501. Sometimes boiler would fire up and show error code 504 after a short while. Faults and error messages were intermittent. Codes from 5XX family point to ignition and flame detection:

SP1 – first ignition attempt failed

SP2 – second ignition attempt failed

SP3 – third ignition attempt (final)

501 – no flame detected

504 – flame lift

In case of this particular boiler all those intermittent faults were caused by a major component failure. Faults like this one can be hard to diagnose, especially if they are intermittent as any of the following components can be at fault:

  • Flue
  • Air intake
  • Fan
  • Gas valve
  • PCB
  • Detection electrode and wiring

If your Ariston Clas is suffering from similar symptoms and you need it repaired (London area only) you can contact me here.

Boiler in question during repair below.