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Biasi Riva Plus HE – boiler cutting out on hot water and heating

posted on 02 Dec 2015

Biasi Riva Plus HE M296.24 SM/C boiler not working correctly. Symptoms were as follows (same at heating and hot water):

  • boiler would fire up and then cut out after around 1-3 minutes
  • boiler would only restart after manual reset

After quick investigation I found out that it is circulation problem that causes this boiler to overheat and shut down. Possible culprits to this situation are: failling pump or scaled/blocked main heat exchagner. It is worth noting that sometimes similar symptoms can happen with faulty PCB, thermistors, overheat stats or wiring. In this case it was however a major component at fault.

Faulty part was quickly identified and replaced the same day.

If you require your Biasi Riva boiler repaired in London please contact me here.

Biasi Riva repaired and working correctly.