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Vokera Sabre 25HE Plus not working

posted on 04 Dec 2016

This boiler originally made by Vokera and later sold under Sabre brand is very rare. In fact it is so rare that even Vokera does not list it on their web site. The only mention of this boiler can be found on Sabre boiler web site.

This boiler has a facia with 3 led lights, 2 control knobs and a pressure switch. There is also a mechanical clock below main panel.

This particular Vokera Sabre 25 HE Plus was not working on both heating and hot water. The pump would start, there was mains voltage going to the fan but it would not start. Main panel led lights would light up solid with right one and left one on, and middle one off. Installation manual describes this led patters as water pressure switch fault. In this case it was not a water pressure switch fault and it only shows that boiler display error codes are not always pointing into right direction. Also, after disconnecting fan control multi plug the fan would start meaning that it was not the fan that was faulty. After running test on all components and sensors I had to rule them all out as they were all giving correct values. This left me with only one major component to be replaced. Boiler got fixed once spare parts arrived directly from Vokera.

Vokera Sabre 25HE Plus during repair below.