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18 April 2022

Ideal Logic Heat only boiler – PDHW wiring schematic

This is a wiring schematic for Ideal Logic H (Heat Only) boilers on Domestic Hot Water Priority set up

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19 October 2019

Nest 3rd generation wiring schematics on S sundial plan

Nest wiring schematics for S plan heating system

04 September 2019

Nest thermostat installation schematics – Y plan

Wiring schematics for Nest thermostat installation on Y plan Full wiring schematics for installation of Nest self-learning thermostat 3rd Generation on a Y plan heating system If you need your Nest installed and you are based in South West or South East London contact me here Nest installer Crystal Palace

04 September 2019

How to install Nest thermostat on a Y plan heating system (UK)

In this post I will show you how to install Nest thermostat (3rd Gen) on one of the most popular heating plans in UK – Y plan. I have also created a video that you can see below with a full tutorial. Y PLAN First thing we need to do is to confirm your heating […]

28 April 2019

How to install a recessed shower valve into a brick wall

In this post I will give you a step by step instructions of how to install a recessed / concealed shower or diverter valve into a masonary wall. Picture below shower a completed installation of a shower valve diverter into a chimney breast: Shower valve installed into a brick wall. If you would like to […]

10 April 2019

Quooker boiling water tap – how to descale, service and repair it

Quooker taps are a very convenient way to always have boiling water on demand. They contain a small tank that stores water at boiling temperatures. That creates an obvious problem in hard water areas – scaling. Today I will show you a typical repair to a Quooker tap that is suffering from leaks caused by heavy scaling. Quooker taps consist […]

19 February 2019

Bathroom renovation with before and after pictures and a timelapse video shot on GoPro Hero

Shower room renovation – before and after pictures Urban Plumbers have just completed a shower room renovation in Crystal Palace, London. Below you can see before and after pictures. What do you think of the result? Leave your comment below! Bathroom renovation scope: demolitions and removal of existing suite leveling to walls and floor fake […]

23 December 2018

Vaillant Eco Tec F.70 fault code

F.70 Vaillant fault code – how to set up new PCB on Eco Tec boilers Vaillant Eco Tec series of boilers are notorious for failing PCBs. It is often enough to power the boiler down to find that it will no longer power up as components on PCB gets damaged by a simple procedure of turning the boiler […]

22 December 2018

Main Combi 24he flame failure

Boiler reapir blog – Main combi 24he with intermittent flame failure *** You are breaking the law if you are working on gas appliances and you are not competnet to do so and Gas Safe Registered. Do not attempt any work on gas appliances unless you are qualified and Gas Safe registered. If your boiler […]

09 December 2018

Ideal Logic & Independent boiler servicing in Crystal Palace, Norwood and South London

I am a registered gas engineer specializing in Ideal boiler repairs, servicing and installation. I am based in Upper Norwood and provide boiler repairs and servicing in Crystal Palace, Norwood, Streatham and South London. This post describes a typical service to a combi boiler based on a very popular boiler: Ideal Logic+ The service procedure is […]